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Course Name

Campaigning for Human Rights and Equality

Course Provider

Limerick Institute of Technology


Award Name: Certificate of Attendance

Attendance Options

1 day per week for 14 weeks


Moylish Limerick, Ennis and Thurles

Course Provider

Limerick Institute of Technology

Course Description

This course runs for 14 days including orientation and evaluation. There are 6 modules of 2 days each and the overall focus of the course is to identify an important issue central to the experience of the participants and to develop a campaign to progress change in this area.

Module Title: CRPD

This module is a detailed review of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the meaning of ratification and an extensive exploration of the meaning of the Optional Protocol. It looks at the Disability Act and the implementations necessary to ensure compliance with the CRPD. It will look at the obligations of the Irish Government and how its progress with implementation is monitored.

Module Title: Decision Making and Capacity

This module looks at how decisions are made, how they are supported and how participation in decision making is supported. It looks at the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act and what the meaning of capacity is in terms of students’ lives.

Module Title: Law and Policy

This module will look at the laws and policies that affect aspects of students’ lives. This will be driven by the issues students feel are the most important in their lives and how current laws discriminate against them. It will look at how laws and policy are changed and how to participate and influence change.

Module Title: Equality

This module explores the meaning of equality and discrimination. It looks at ways people with disabilities are discriminated against and what would need to change to ensure full inclusion. It specifically looks at the Equal Status Act 2000 and Equality Act 2004. Current research in this area will be reviewed.

Module Title: Government and National Organisation

This module looks at how local and national government works. It explores how individuals can become more effective and responsible citizens. It also looks at the important national organisations involved in influencing change in the areas of inclusion and equality. This module will assist learners to develop their knowledge of how democracy works and to encourage more effective participation as citizens. It looks at the Public Sector Duty and what organisations need to do to make sure that they are accessible and inclusive.

Module Title: Campaigning

This module explores what campaigns are and how an effective campaign works. It develops a process people can follow to establish, plan, lead and run a campaign through active participation. It will explore the use of various media and the involvement of influencers to affect a positive outcome. 

Who to Contact

Martina Neylon

Course Coordinator

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