Course Name

Integrated Education Programme

Course Provider

Blachardstown IT


FETAC Level 3

Attendance Options

Part time


Blachardstown IT

Awarding Body

Blanchardstown IT

Course Description

The main objectives of the programme are:
1. Like other college students, the learners will learn more about: communication techniques, working as part of a team, personal and interpersonal skills, social skills, personal awareness, independence, the world of work, self-advocacy, and assertiveness skills.
2. The programme will offer the learner an opportunity to participate in the social and leisure activities of college life: socialising with other students, participating in the gym and some sports.
3. Through their participation in classes, learners will develop confidentiality skills, memory skills, imagination and an understanding of other people’s lives.
4. In the different tutorials that learners attend, they will develop: academic, artistic, reasoning and problem solving skills in PDP (Personal Development Plan) class, drama, maths, computer class, work skills, horticulture, creative studies and health promotion.
5. The overall objective of the programme—and the benchmark by which it will ultimately be measured—is that the learner, having completed the programme, will be better equipped to attain employment—and to maintain—employment.

Course Modules:
• Creative Studies
• Drama
• Art & Music
• Sports Coaching & Personal Training
• Horticulture
• Digital Media

Who to Contact

Dr. Pat O’Connor

Head of Department of Humanities ITB



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